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Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST™) is a quick, effective and long lasting solution for athletes and fitness enthusiasts not reaching their potential as well as for those who are in pain or cannot function well due to various reasons. Below are a few package options. Powerlifters are eligible for a $10 off bonus. Please contact me for more information.

Single session ( $75/hour +GST )
12 session pack - $70/hour ( $840 +GST )
24 session pack - $65/hour ( $1560 +GST )
36 session pack - $60/hour ( $2160 +GST )


Alyssa Coulas
Fascial Stretch Therapist &
Personal Trainer

What makes FST better than regular stretching?

Parasympathetic response is immediately facilitated - deep breathing and relaxation allows the muscles to relax and therefore increases the stretch. I know I personally tense up and find myself not breathing when I stretch and so having FST done allows the client to relax and disengage their sympathetic nervous system!

Pain is avoided - FST is completely pain free! Although you'll experience a stretching sensation, the session should be 100% pain free.

The experience should be relaxing. Often people fall asleep on the table because they've turned off their sympathetic nervous system and are finally relaxing and allowing their muscles to be stretched. If this seems like your kinda thing, let me know!


This therapy may be for you If you suffer from any of the following:

• Physical restrictions in any joint, muscle, nerve, lymph or connective tissue.
• Pain, discomfort or soreness from lack of mobility or flexibility, tightness, stiffness, scar tissue, poor movement quality, post-surgery, poor hydration, chronic systemic or local inflammation and more.
• Mental health stress. 
• Or if you are simply looking for better mobility.

I will accurately assess the structure and function of the most prevalent tissue in your body – connective tissue – as well as  your function while upright and then on a comfortable table with one leg under stabilization straps. Using a range of unique hands-on movements with your body to decompress, mobilize, stretch and otherwise balance your posture, strength, mobility we will get you back to optimal mobility. The result is massive positive change in your body, mind and spirit in as little as 1-3 sessions. Pain often disappears or greatly diminished, any function or athletic performance is achievable and hope with a better quality of life is restored.

-Information from Fascial Stretch Therapy by Ann & Chris Frederick


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