Inverted Rows


The inverted row is an excellent back exercise for beginners trying to progress to pull ups. As well, for bodybuilders and powerlifters wanting to build back strength and muscle.

The inverted row requires you to not only engage your back but also your core, glutes, and legs to maintain a straight body position. Try to pull the bar towards your lower chest until you are touching the bar or as far as you can go.

According to Chris Beardsly Infogram on a study (pictured), the inverted row activates more lats and upper erector spinae muscle than the cable row and barbell row.

Inverted row also has less overlap with your squats and deadlifts! Inverted rows use less lower erector spine compared to other rowing exercises such as barbell row which may impact recovery of your main lifts.

The inverted row can be modified in a variety of ways. To make them easier, you can bend your knees, move your feet towards the bar, and using a higher bar height. To make the exercise, you can move your feet further away from the bar, elevating your feet, adding weights, lower back height or even using gymnastic rings.

Contributed by: Christine Trac

Alyssa Coulas