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Nutritional Consulting

Elevate your training potential by feeding your body whole and nutritious foods. I believe that each person is biochemically distinct with unique nutritional requirements, and that the interrelationship of the mind, body and spirit are factors in overall health and wellbeing. I am committed to high quality service and continually building competency through research and education.

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Susanne McElroy
Certified Holistic
Nutritional Consultant


Be strong in yourself.

We can work together to address the following concerns:

  • Metabolism concerns, skinny fat syndrome, yo-yo dieting, inability to lose weight (even with exercise)
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, food sensitivities or digestion issues
  • Low energy and fatigue, stress, blood pressure and blood sugar challenges, brain fog, mental clarity
  • Vitamin and mineral imbalances
  • Hormone imbalances (menopause, low energy, skin conditions, low sex drive)

strategies include:

  • Identifying nutritional/system imbalances and lifestyle habits
  • Designing a program for sustainable weight loss or weight management
  • Building customized diets for wellness concerns and active and healthy lifestyles
  • Regulating low energy, fatigue and stress using optimal foods, vitamins, minerals and lifestyle
  • Applying detoxification strategies for deep and continual cleansing
  • Providing education to individuals or small or large groups on:
    - Whole foods, labels, organic/local foods and products,
    - Sustainable farming practices,
    - Various wellness lifestyle modifications,
    - Fermenting or preserving techniques, and
    - Shopping tips and grocery store tours, etc.

Healthy Bowel and Gut Strategies

Susanne also works to provide new strategies for building and maintaining a healthy bowel and gut using foods, vitamin and mineral supplementation, testing for leaky gut and food sensitivities.

Benefits of a customized plan may include:

  • Improved bowel function, regulated daily bowel movements,
  • Reduction of toxins, added support during detoxification programs,
  • Supporting rebalancing (dysbiosis) of biota, and
  • Reduction of inflammatory conditions.

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